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Borderline Personality Disorder Assessment

Take the 30-Second BPD Assessment Today

Do you often have trouble in relationships/friendships?
1 out of 10
Do you often experience problems with impulsiveness?
2 out of 10
Have you been experiencing extreme mood swings?
3 out of 10
Do you often feel anger at inappropriate times?
4 out of 10
Do you often have problems trusting others?
5 out of 10
Do you often feel empty, or that you do not know who you are?
6 out of 10
Are you afraid of abandonment?
7 out of 10
Do you ever believe people are deliberately picking on you, or that they want to hurt you?
8 out of 10
Please Tell Us About Yourself
9 out of 10
10 out of 10
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Relief from BPD is possible without electroconvulsive therapy

That’s why you should participate in our simple, free assessment so you can rethink everything you know about BPD. We want to share our own knowledge – gained from decades of experience and research – and answer any questions that you may have.